Stereoscopy Viewing Help

All images in the Stereo Gallery may be viewed in 3D. The pictures are displayed side by side.

"Cross-Eyed" Viewing

The "O" and "+" represent the two images of a stereo pair. Hold your index finger half way between your eyes and the computer screen, so that the "O" and "+" are visable. While looking at your finger tip, slowly move your finger closer and farther from your face. Notice that at a certain point, the "+" will appear to be inside the "O". Memorize the feeling in your eye muscles. When you can sustain the effect after lowering your hand, you are ready to try it with the stereo pair.

Be careful to keep your head level, (especially the side to side tilt). When it appears that there are three images, concentrate on the middle one until it becomes 3D.  Remember, do not focus with your eyes as you will lose the 3D effect.  CAUTION! If you experience eye fatigue or discomfort, take a break!

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