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gcm and his stereo bar setup ( Photo by Derek Magdalik).  Right image by Erin Pierce-Magdalik.

I arrived in Glendale, California in November of 1944.  I lived in the Los Angeles area for 42 years.  In September of 1986, I relocated to Whidbey Island, WA.

My 48 years of  photography started on Christmas Day, 1957 when I received a Kodak Starflex Camera from a family friend.  My father was an avid photographer.  I still have Dad's Kodak Vest Pocket camera.  Of course, when Dad was taking pictures, film and equipment were not what they are today.  I have been recording most everything that I have wanted to see again.  I worked 15 years as a Senior Investigator and forensic photographer.

In January of 1979, my friend Lance Block introduced me to Stereoscopy (stereo).  Lance loaned me his stereo bar which was machined by Stan Baird who introduced Lance to stereo.  Lance has a fantastic collection of Railroad images in stereo.  I had my stereo bar made by Stan in May of 1979 and began recording 95% of my work in 3-D using mostly Kodak Kodachrome 25.  I used the stereo bar when the subject I was photographing was in motion, if not, I used a single camera taking two images of the same subject by moving the camera to the left or the right of the first image. This is referred to as "Step stereo".

I used to shoot a lot of black & white film.  Around the same time that I started shooting stereo, I was introduced to Kodak Technical Pan 2415.  Originally this film was called High Contrast Copy film.  The real revelation in this introduction was that the person who acquainted me with this film that cuts 180 lines per millimeter is also the photographer who developed and marketed a developer for this film that made it continuous tone.  I have recorded memorable images using this film and have Bill Anneman of Kolor Kraft Productions to thank for it.

The majority of my work was done using Nikon 35mm cameras and lenses.  I have a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic with 17mm and 20 mm lenses that I use when I want to get a super distorted image or at least an image with a
very wide field of view.  

In December 1999, I started using a Kodak DC290 Digital camera.  It produced good images but was basically an entry level device.  Since September 2002 I have been using Nikon's D100 digital camera.  I seldom use film anymore.  I am a member of Nikon Professional Services and a former member of The Greater Los Angeles Press Club.

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